Our Story

Hakimi Law is a unique Business and Intellectual Property Firm focused on serving the long-term interests of our clients by providing comprehensive and in-depth legal services that are cost effective and timely.

Through our attentive and decisive understanding of our client’s day-to- day business activities, we identify their needs, goals, and expectations. Through our personal business experiences, we recognize relevant and crucial concerns that our clients need to consider in maintaining and protecting their business, their investments, and intellectual property rights. By keeping our clients informed about all legal and business issues related to their legal representation, we ensure their informed and sound decision-making. These experiences nurture long-term relationships with our clients.

We understand that each client’s innovative ideas and creative talents are the livelihood of their business and are essential in providing a unique economic and competitive edge. Therefore, we are devoted to zealously protecting our client’s interest by evaluating problems from their point of view while anticipating the internal and external variables that may affect the outcome of their legal representation. Our legal expertise in both business and intellectual property law allows us to help protect the interests and good names of our clients – be the innovative entrepreneurs or creative artists.